Smart PNG and JPEG compression

Original transparent PNG
Fie size 104 KB
Compressed transparent PNG
Fie size 27 KB

CufonFonts TinyImage is the perfect solution for reducing the file size of your JPEG and PNG files without sacrificing image quality. Our smart lossy compression techniques allow you to quickly and easily optimize your image files, so you can save space and speed up your website. Try CufonFonts TinyImage today and see the difference!

What is the Purpose of TinyImage

The TinyImage service uses smart lossy compression techniques in order to reduce the file size of your JPEG and PNG files. Though the effect is almost undetectable, it makes a huge difference in file size! Therefore you can get images to load faster with less bandwidth on your websites and apps with high compression and basically no quality loss. It provides a great deal of advantage in terms of SEO as well.

Why should I use TinyImage?

PNG files are advantageous due to their high quality and transparency but big file sizes create a disadvantage in websites and apps. With TinyImage at rescue, you can compress PNG images with smart compression to shrink them to jPEG file sizes with almost no loss of quality. Plus, PNG and JPG files which are optimized through compression create a great advantage for you in terms of SEO since they load faster.

Is TinyImage supported everywhere?

You can use it on up to date browsers and all mobile devices.

Is there a spottable difference?

Let’s make a quick comparison. The image on the left is saved as a 24 bit PNG through Photoshop. The one on the right is the same image processed by TinyImage. Can you tell the difference?

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