Remove Image Background Automatically

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

If you don't want to see lines around the edges, enable the Alpha option.

Remove Image Background Automatically

Powered by Artificial Intelligence


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"Don't spend time manually deleting backgrounds from your images! CufonFonts automatically removes backgrounds from your images, making them transparent and ready to use in no time! Try it out today and save time on your design projects!"

Smoothly get rid of backgrounds for free
with CufonFonts AI

You don’t need to install hundreds of different apps, hire a professional editor or a photographer or learn Photoshop in order to remove the background image, CufonFonts smart eraser does just that for you automatically.

One click only

The usage is intentionally designed to be simple and straightforward in order to save time in the user's workflow. Upload any photo, the AI detects the subject from the image, then you have your clear and neatly cut PNG all in less than 5 seconds. You can download in high quality as well.

So quite literally, creating transparent PNG Images and decoupling only takes seconds with one click of this PNG remover, barely requiring any complicated technical skills from the user, regardless of what you need to use it for. Whether you use it as a graphic designer, for business needs, e-commerce or something else - getting better results with less time and effort is made possible.Enjoy!

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