Opulent Floral Personal Use Font

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Hello Yumna Type Font Downloader,

Please ensure you read this carefully before proceeding with the font installation.

- This font is strictly for PERSONAL USE ONLY, and any form of COMMERCIAL USE is prohibited.

If you intend to use my font for commercial purposes, kindly purchase the license from: https://yumnatype.com/collection/font/opulent-floral/

- Prior to installing the font, we recommend going through the document provided in the downloaded folder.

- For further inquiries, feel free to reach out via email: [email protected] or visit: https://din-studio.com/

- Refer to the tutorial for font installation on Mac and Windows at: https://din-studio.com/how-to-access-the-special-character-in-your-desktop-mac-and-windows/

- Misuse of the license may result in corporate penalties worldwide.

- Link for Donations (PayPal): [email protected]

Thank you for downloading and your support. We appreciate it!

Keep supporting our work and enjoy designing!


Hello Yumna Type font downloader,

Before downloading, please read the following description carefully:

This explanation is part of the terms and conditions of Din Studio. Any misuse of the font license may result in legal consequences.

By downloading this font, you are deemed to understand and agree to all the terms and conditions of font usage below:

1. This font is strictly for "Personal Use" only, intended for individual use that does not generate profit. For group purposes, the font can only be used for religious events and social activities (non-profit).

2. STRICTLY PROHIBITED to use or exploit this font for Commercial purposes, including but not limited to Advertising, Promotion, TV, Film, Video, Motion Graphics, YouTube, or for Product Packaging (both Physical and Digital) or any form of media with the aim of generating profit.

3. Any form of license misuse from Din Studio (Unauthorized use of license, incorrect license usage) will incur charges equivalent to a Corporate License (National/Worldwide). Legal actions may be pursued in accordance with Law Number 28 of 2014 concerning Copyright.

4. All content and intellectual property of Din Studio are protected by the state, and legal violations will be handled by the legal team of the Indonesian Letter Designers Association (PDHI).

Supported Languages

Unicode Blocks

Opulent Floral Personal Use font preview

Opulent Floral Personal Use Regular Ver 1.000 𑁋 Modified at Mar 12, 2024

Opulent Floral Personal Use Regular font

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By installing or using this font you agree to the Product Usage Agreement:

- This font only personal use. - For commercial use please visit License URL. - This font has been protected by law. - All forms of copyright infringement will be penalized


Opulent Floral Personal Use©Yumnatype • 2024 • All Right Reserved


Legal notice

Before using this font, please carefully check the information provided under the license heading. The texts under the license heading are automatically generated from the font itself and may sometimes be incomplete. It is your responsibility to research the license information regarding the usage rights of the font you have downloaded. Protecting the intellectual property rights of font creators is of great importance; using a copyrighted and commercial font for free is illegal.

At CufonFonts, we attach great importance to intellectual property rights. If you believe that this typeface violates copyright laws and is not legal, please inform us for the removal or revision of the typeface. The legal authority of the typeface can make a request by using the "Report Violation" button above.

You can also use the links below to check the legal or commercial status of this font;

MyFonts.com Fonts.com

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