Kabrio Abarth Font Family

Uploaded by Shyanne Bernhard 𑁋 (56 Styles)


This font is TOTALLY FREE for NONCOMMERCIAL USES.For commercial uses and to download the full typeface demo set visit www.zetafonts.com/kabrio-pro (http://www.zetafonts.com/kabrio-pro)Have a question?: [email protected] (mailto:[email protected])---Kabrio features four different corner treatments to offer variation in display and logo use: the "alternate" variant features slightly rounded corners, that become even more round in the "soft" variant. "Abarth" features cut corner for a more mechanical, cold look. Each variant comes in seven weights with matching italics, for a grand total of 56 weights to add to your typographic palettes. All Kabrio weights feature an extended character set with accents to cover over forty european languages as well as russian and bulgarian cyrillc. Open type features include stylistic alternates and a wide arrange of numerals (oldstyle, tabular, tabular oldstyle, superior, inferior, fractions) to allow you maximum flexibility to use Kabrio in number-heavy documents: spreadsheets, tables, timetables.

Supported Languages

Unicode Blocks

Kabrio Abarth font preview

Kabrio Abarth Regular

Kabrio Abarth Regular font

Kabrio Abarth Book Italic

Kabrio Abarth Book Italic font

Kabrio Abarth Book

Kabrio Abarth Book font

Kabrio Abarth Italic

Kabrio Abarth Italic font

Kabrio Abarth ExtraLight Italic

Kabrio Abarth ExtraLight Italic font

Kabrio Abarth ExtraLight

Kabrio Abarth ExtraLight font

Kabrio Abarth Light Italic

Kabrio Abarth Light Italic font

Kabrio Abarth Light

Kabrio Abarth Light font

Kabrio Abarth Bold Italic

Kabrio Abarth Bold Italic font

Kabrio Abarth Bold

Kabrio Abarth Bold font

Kabrio Abarth ExtraBold Italic

Kabrio Abarth ExtraBold Italic font

Kabrio Abarth ExtraBold

Kabrio Abarth ExtraBold font

Kabrio Abarth Heavy Italic

Kabrio Abarth Heavy Italic font

Kabrio Abarth Heavy

Kabrio Abarth Heavy font

Kabrio Alternate Regular

Kabrio Alternate Regular font

Kabrio Regular

Kabrio Regular font

Kabrio Soft Regular

Kabrio Soft Regular font

Kabrio Alternate Book Italic

Kabrio Alternate Book Italic font

Kabrio Alternate Book

Kabrio Alternate Book font

Kabrio Alternate Italic

Kabrio Alternate Italic font

Kabrio Italic

Kabrio Italic font

Kabrio Book

Kabrio Book font

Kabrio Italic

Kabrio Italic font

Kabrio Soft Book Italic

Kabrio Soft Book Italic font

Kabrio Soft Book

Kabrio Soft Book font

Kabrio Soft Italic

Kabrio Soft Italic font

Kabrio Alternate ExtraLight Italic

Kabrio Alternate ExtraLight Italic font

Kabrio Alternate ExtraLight

Kabrio Alternate ExtraLight font

Kabrio ExtraLight Italic

Kabrio ExtraLight Italic font

Kabrio ExtraLight

Kabrio ExtraLight font

Kabrio Soft ExtraLight Italic

Kabrio Soft ExtraLight Italic font

Kabrio Soft ExtraLight

Kabrio Soft ExtraLight font

Kabrio Alternate Light Italic

Kabrio Alternate Light Italic font

Kabrio Alternate Light

Kabrio Alternate Light font

Kabrio Light Italic

Kabrio Light Italic font

Kabrio Light

Kabrio Light font

Kabrio Light Light Italic

Kabrio Light Light Italic font

Kabrio Light Light

Kabrio Light Light font

Kabrio Alternate Bold Italic

Kabrio Alternate Bold Italic font

Kabrio Alternate Bold

Kabrio Alternate Bold font

Kabrio Bold Italic

Kabrio Bold Italic font

Kabrio Bold

Kabrio Bold font

Kabrio Soft Bold Italic

Kabrio Soft Bold Italic font

Kabrio Soft Bold

Kabrio Soft Bold font

Kabrio Alternate ExtraBold Italic

Kabrio Alternate ExtraBold Italic font

Kabrio Alternate ExtraBold

Kabrio Alternate ExtraBold font

Kabrio ExtraBold Italic

Kabrio ExtraBold Italic font

Kabrio ExtraBold

Kabrio ExtraBold font

Kabrio Soft ExtraBold Italic

Kabrio Soft ExtraBold Italic font

Kabrio Soft ExtraBold

Kabrio Soft ExtraBold font

Kabrio Alternate Heavy Italic

Kabrio Alternate Heavy Italic font

Kabrio Alternate Heavy

Kabrio Alternate Heavy font

Kabrio Heavy Italic

Kabrio Heavy Italic font

Kabrio Heavy

Kabrio Heavy font

Kabrio Soft Heavy Italic

Kabrio Soft Heavy Italic font

Kabrio Soft Heavy

Kabrio Soft Heavy font


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Copyright (c) 2017 by studio kmzero. All rights reserved.


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